• Commitment to DecentralizationBuilding a new cryptocurrency exchange, you can reaffirm the growing believers of decentralized content that you are committed to their cause. Since digital currency trading is done by means of blockchain technology, your trading exchange will be a symbol of your commitment to decentralized trading and also give you the advantage of never having to worry about the responsibility of approving transactions with formal authority.
  • Immunity to InflationWith your cryptocurrency trading platform, your users will be dealing in digital currencies, most of which now come with a fixed supply cap. With this growing trend, your platform can become a place where thousands of traders are dealing in a commodity that is free of the effects of inflation, allowing you to claim the market you have created is based on fair value and organic demand, which is more than what most other kinds of trading exchanges can say.
  • Lightning Fast TransactionsBlockchain technology, which is the engine of all digital currencies and trading exchanges, allows real-time transactions, involving zero supervision of third parties who would examine and approve transaction, which may take hours and even days for transactions to complete. Thus, with your automated cryptocurrency trading exchange, users get to trade safely with lightning fast transactions.
  • More Power to the PeopleCryptocurrency mining – more commonly referred to as cryptomining – is a central part of cryptocurrency trading. In this process, users verify transactions using an ordinary computer connected to specialized hardware. With your trading exchange in business, your users can mine their own cryptocurrency and begin to make money as much as they want.
  • Security with TransparencyIf your cryptocurrency becomes a steadily growing entity, the rewards you can get out of it are endless. You will be considered a successful entrepreneur, which will open new doors for you. You can ask for five-digit sums for giving lectures on your success and cryptocurrency technology in general. You can develop a portfolio that will take you to new levels of success beyond owning a cryptocurrency.
  • Build a Strong CommunityIf you develop your cryptocurrency exchange software with an expert team and deliver steady high performance, you will attract a huge number of users who would like to mine their cryptocurrency using your reliable platform. With this loyal community, you can develop a loyal audience and market new products and services to them.


At Captain Sheep, we strongly believe a great cryptocurrency trading exchange can be much more than just a place to facilitate users in mining their cryptocurrency and trade in it to make profits. You can imagine making such a simple trading platform would be simple for a team of years of experience in building cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Therefore, working with us, you will see how we look at the whole exercise and what our philosophy about delivering successful platforms over and over again is based on. We understand our challenges lie in the arena of performance and not development. Our practices are based on making sure that our delivered trading exchanges provide high speed for crypto trading transactions without compromising on security of the data. This is only possible with high-level expertise in blockchain programming. We optimize our clients’ trading exchanges in a way that they allow safe transfer of thousands of transactions and data blocks in a small fraction of a second. With this kind of expertise, we are able to deliver exactly what you would require in a blockchain based cryptocurrency trading exchange. Working with clients with unique requirements from across the globe, we have developed a unique understanding of the field of cryptocurrency trading and exchange software. We now know things that are most important to clients investing in a cryptocurrency trading platform regardless of where they are from or what particular audience they are aiming to serve.


    • Work with Cryptocurrency Experts: At Captain Sheep, our cryptocurrency and software development team consists of industry specialists and enthusiasts who have combined experience of over 30 years in cryptocurrency development. With this kind of combined innovation and skills, we can promise to deliver a cryptocurrency trading platform you users will become true fans of.
    • Technical Expertise Second to None: Such a team allows us to boast unbeatable technical expertise in the fields of cryptocurrency development, ICO development services, cryptocurrency wallet software development, and trading exchange software development. We deliver projects without failure or missing a deadline.
    • Streamlined Operations & Fast Project Management: With our focus on adapting to our clients’ needs, we have evolved our operations into a set of flexible practices and optimized processes that allow optimum results and prevent friction between our clients’ expectations and our comprehension of them. As a result, when we take over a project, we deliver it fast.
  • Building Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange Software: Of course, with the kind of expertise we proclaim, you can rest assured your applications and software will not go down with a security breach. With our advanced understanding of writing strong protection into your code, the trading exchange we build for you will be a safe haven for genuine crypto traders and prevent fraudulent users and transactions (read attempts at fraudulent transactions) from emerging in the market.
  There are many other reasons for you to choose Captain Sheep over the competition. Working with us, you will feel the difference of working with a team of professionals. The cryptocurrency exchange software we develop for you will bring you all the benefits we listed above and then some. Call for a consultation today on +85 258089100 or  Livechat  and we will be delighted to give you the closest appointment for a detailed discussion about your needs and our abilities.