3 Proven Content Marketing Strategies for Unparalleled Growth

The world of content marketing as expressed by an article in the Forbes magazine is very much in bloom and business. Any digital marketing agency in Hong Kong will tell you that content marketing is a crucial part of their overall strategies. Getting a little more specific, when it comes to content marketing, there have been numerous strategies developed, tried and tested by content marketing professionals. These strategies serve to optimize the content marketing process increasing reach and raising customer and client numbers. content-concept

3 Proven Content Marketing Strategies

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to elaborate on three proven content marketing strategies which are guaranteed to boost your efforts in leaps and bounds. Here they are.

Don’t Forget Your Visuals

As you may already know, many out there are more inclined to respond to visual stimuli as opposed to its alternatives. Visuals when accompanied with words also help with retention. One strategy that is known to work wonders is making visuals a necessity. We’re just not talking pictures on your blogs and articles. We mean making use of the full visual arsenal which includes clips, short videos and info-graphics among others. The more you balance your written content with visual material the better off you will be.

Follow your Audience

Sure you want your customer/client base or audience following you, however when it comes to content marketing, following your audience is equally necessary. When we say follow, we don’t mean stalk them on their way home from work. What we mean is to make sure we have info on the kind of social media platforms they use most, other apps they may be into and pages and communities they may follow among other thing. The idea is to get to know them as well as possible so that the content you generate can be pointed, specific and hence hit home effectively.

Expand Used Platforms

Last but not least, putting your content up on multiple platforms is a great way to increase accessibility. People will not need to go hunting for your brand or company in case they don’t use the same platform you post on. The bare basics include platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter as well as Instagram. This being said, there are others out there, Pinterest for instance that can be quite useful. Just remember, the more you diversify by way of social media platforms on which you post, the more people you’ll be able to connect with.


There are numerous other strategies to help boost your content marketing efforts however the ones mentioned here are tried and tested fail safes. If you require any assistance producing content or looking for a content marketing agency or service provider, you know who to reach out to!