Who we are?

Captainsheep Cat & Cow Inc. is a well-reputed and rapidly growing digital marketing agency in Hong Kong, founded with a mission to help businesses not just compete in but conquer the online world, by implementing well-devised, result-driven and strategic digital marketing strategies.
Captainsheept is focused on helping our clients:
  • Expand their business locally and globally
  • Capture bigger industry share
  • Grow their customer base
  • Boost their financial bottom-line
We are a highly customer-centric digital agency in Hong Kong with the following business values:
  • To serve clients with integrity
  • Provide them with result-driven digital solutions at affordable prices
  • Strive for full client satisfaction
  • Deliver service excellence
Our values are part of our DNA and at the heart of everything that we do. They serve as our guiding principles and are our pillars of strength, helping us build a stellar market reputation and making us the first choice of preference among businesses seeking digital solutions.

What we do?

Captainsheep Cat & Cow Inc. is a one-stop digital marketing service provider. We offer everything that your business needs to compete and grow in the digital landscape. From web design services to web development, SSL certificates, SEO content writing, translation services, UX and UI design, mobile applications, video presentations, voice services, to animated presentations, we specialise in all these services and more! We can provide you with the best and customised digital marketing solutions at affordable prices—helping you achieve your business goals successfully.
Our digital marketing solutions are focused on helping clients:
  • Get more targeted leads
  • Improve conversion ratio
  • Improve SEO ranking
  • Spearhead competition on the digital landscape
  • Launch websites with more user and SEO friendly designs
  • Ensure excellent security on their website so that their customers can shop and purchase products online with confidence
  • Localise websites for new markets by translating web content in their language
  • Improve lead engagement by posting content that stirs excitement and drives action
We strive to help clients boost and strengthen their online presence by integrating smart digital solutions and latest technologies.

How we do it?

We don’t just promise; we deliver. At Captainsheep Cat & Cow Inc. we understand that each of the digital solutions and services that we offer demand expertise, knowledge and experience. And that’s exactly why we have a multifaceted team that includes digital specialists in their own domains, such as SEO and website content writers who have a creative knack for writing engaging content and understand the rules of SEO which allows them to incorporate the most searched and popular keywords in the copy, effectively boosting your web ranking significantly. Our web design and development team has the expertise and the experience to create high converting, visually appealing and easy to navigate web designs with SEO-friendly layouts—all much needed to deliver excellent user experience. Our experts have good command and understanding of open source technologies such as Drupal, Django, WordPress, AWS, JQuery, Mecurial and Linux. This helps them to select the best framework and platform for your business and design solutions accordingly. We also have on board talented translators, SEO strategists and voiceover artists. Additionally, we also offer SSL certificates which are the best way to keep your online business well-protected from hackers, and cyber attacks, and help your customers shop on your site in a safe and secure environment.