Chinese SEO/Marketing Services

Our local SEO services as Baidu SEO Services and Chinese SEO Services in China specialize in offering ‘Baidu Organic SEO Process”. Just like Google, Baidu also needs keywords in order to get your website in the first page ranking. However, the difference is that Baidu offers two keyword options: One based on popularity and one based on paid advertising.
The reason why we recommend organic SEO process is because it allows us to create an SEO package for you that rapidly improves your website page ranking, boosts qualified traffic, and increases chances of conversions. Customers use different types of keywords while searching the same product or service. This is why it is important that your keyword should target your brand. Without proper keyword research, your SEO strategy will not be that effective.

Our Baidu services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis and spotting
  • SEO optimization and audit
  • Ethical link development
  • SEO consulting
  • Mobile SEO
  • Integrated marketing
  • Indexation improvement
We have different Baidu SEO packages that offer different services. Depending on the requirement of reports, we offer customized services according to your business. This allows us to create a specific Baidu SEO strategy that improves your search engine presence.

How We Do It

The first thing that we require from you is information about your business and the keyword that you want to be used in the content. We offer you a few suggestions in English to determine we are on the right track. We then compare your keywords to your competitors’ and make sure that it is targeting the right market and not clashing with similar keywords. Our SEO consults go over with you on your SEO strategy to provide you a second perspective if it needs any improvement. Here, the Baidu index helps us plan and SEO campaign with data about a keyword’s relevancy and popularity.

Performance Tracking

Through performance tracking you are able to understand where your business currently stands in the success stage. With our performance tracking service, we provide weekly to monthly reports. By using analytics, we keep up with the changing trends, so that a different approach can be taken to improve performance. The reports allow you to measure your success with statistical data and shows you what changes need to be made in the plan and what should be kept. The report contains:

  • Website trends and traffic
  • Target keywords rankings
  • Landing page stats
  • Chinese targeted audience engagement
  • Marketing performance
The benefit of Baidu SEO through local SEO services in China is that your brand gets high acceptance, precise keyword search results and high stability. Baidu SEO is five times more cost-efficient than PPC.
For English based businesses, Baidu SEO is an advanced SEO technique, which they should use as a marketing strategy. Through Chinese search engine, they will be able to break language barriers and reach foreign markets. Due to the difference in the legal system, it is better to use an SEO agency in China rather than creating your own Chinese content through translation. Since Baidu’s interface is quite different from Google’s, using Chinese SEO services, you will have an upper hand on competitors in your market, as well as in China.