At Captain Sheep, we know it takes a lot more than just writing some code for your new coin to make a new cryptocurrency a success. This is why we have a truly comprehensive set of services for our entrepreneurial clients getting in the business of digital currency trading. When you come to us for assistance, we can deliver every technical service and expertise you require for the establishment and success of your new cryptocurrency. We can help you stand out among many others who start with the wrong vision and cannot sustain in the market. A crucial part of this success is played by the digital interfaces you are creating for your users and stakeholders. Your wallet interface, your user dashboard, your cryptocurrency trading website, et cetera. At Captain Sheep, we have taken the interface development service domain to be more than what you would expect. With our focus on delivering our clients the best services possible, we have grown our skill set to create much more than necessary applications so you can offer more to your users and deliver more value than your competitors in the process.


  • Ingeniously designed wallet for your users who will be able to see an all-transaction history on their dashboard and trade from the same screen with key updates in front of their eyes the whole time
  • Currency based custom applications to perform specialized functions (Our Ethereum specific application model is helping clients with securing the ultimate smart contracts in their currencies)
  • Smart web applications, portals and sites that are packed with quality features and give users convenience in experience and all the information they need through embedded live chat with Support
  • Our Bitcoin ATM software application is the latest in our arsenal of blockchain application development services, and it is big news for trading exchange owners looking to impart more value


A cryptocurrency wallet is fundamentally a digital account with just about all the trading capacities of a bank account. As a cryptocurrency owner, you will issue a unique wallet ID for every user who can then use the credentials to log in to your platform and trade their coins. With the cryptography protecting all transactions on your blockchain, your users’ wallets will be protected with the same way. Having a clear and convenient wallet interface gives your user a lot of ease in trading. We provide Bitcoin Wallet Application Development in production grade. Since they want to stay connected to their wallet around-the-clock, a simple interface with all the necessary features will ensure they stay loyal to your currency and platform.


A currency-based custom application is specialized software that performs specialized tasks related to only particular currencies. For instance, Ethereum is known for its dependence on – and its ability to create high-performance – smart contracts. With a specialized custom application that is based on the code and model of Ethereum, you can use the currency’s ability to maneuver smart contracts without getting lost in the complex world of coding contracts. Such currency application development services allow us to offer you specialized functions that your users will find helpful and quite interesting.


Your currency website is the digital real estate where you put all the information your users would need. This is why it has to be incredible in design, content, and architecture. With this kind of a web portal always ready to welcome old users as well as new referrals, you can increase the chances of conversion significantly. To do that, you need a team of industry experts who have also done website design for a number of clients in the past, which is where Captain Sheep comes in. We can build you the most effective cryptocurrency web portals and sites in our web application development services domain.


With our expertise in custom cryptocurrency applications, we are now helping clients with Bitcoin ATM application development with software that is easy-to-configure, comes with full compatibility with all Bitcoin, its forks, and all other cryptocurrencies using similar code base. Call us today on +85 258089100 or  Livechat  to discuss your custom application development needs and we will deliver them without exemption.