As a reliable team of blockchain advisory experts, we have a wide range of solutions that any organisation looking to invest in blockchain can use to optimise their progress. Big and small businesses that have already started working on their blockchain models can also benefit immensely from our blockchain evaluation services.


Apart from our vast blockchain development services, we have a number of other service domains, including blockchain consulting and evaluation. In this domain, what we can do for you can be summed up in just a few words: We fix your blockchain application. That is the long and short of it, but the exercise is in fact a process with multiple steps. Depending on where you stand in your blockchain implementation cycle, you might need a certain set of our services over the rest. Therefore, it would be prudent to talk to us in detail about your current roadmap before you hire us. To help you see exactly what kinds of services are included in our blockchain advisory domain, here is a short description of each:
  • BLOCKCHAIN AUDITSBlockchain audits are among our elite services when it comes to blockchain consulting. We offer extensive audits for your current blockchain systems, based on streamlined assessments, numerous tests, and interviews to deeply understand your objectives. We provide our results in a formal report and make recommendations. This service is useful for all kinds of businesses in any stage of their blockchain implementation process. Even those who have been using the technology for a while can find sources of untapped potential and growth after our blockchain audit.
  • BLOCKCHAIN STRATEGYOur blockchain strategy service is the life and blood of the blockchain consulting domain. In this service, we have group discussions between our team and your executives and discuss how to create a blockchain roadmap that will work for your business. If you are running a startup associated with blockchain or your already established organisation is moving in that direction, we can help you work up a sustainable blockchain strategy that will help you adopt the technology fast but without losing focus on the important factors.
  • BLOCKCHAIN MODELINGWhile a sound blockchain strategy is the first step towards effective blockchain implementation, your blockchain model will be the next and critically important factor in determining the success or failure of the whole exercise. In this service, we assist you in aligning your model of operations with your strategy and objectives. This service suits organisations that have worked out an effective strategy but it is their first time in this avenue. Our expert guiding hand will help you translate your strategy into producible code in software.
  • BLOCKCHAIN POC TESTINGFor every blockchain model, smart organisations make sure they have an effective blockchain PoC testing system in place. However, since this is something that requires a specialist’s touch and in-house teams sometimes lack this particular expertise, the task is often outsourced to expert blockchain consulting firms. In our blockchain PoC testing service, we simply uses multiple tools and assessment techniques to show you whether or not your concept is a valid practice that you should invest in.
  • BLOCKCHAIN SCALINGIn this very specific service, we show you how to scale your blockchain idea. With the help of our expert team, you get to learn how to develop the blockchain solution you were looking for, how to monetise the idea and concept, and what your market roadmap should be. Our blockchain scaling service is ideal for small teams brimming with ideas about blockchain without a clear plan in mind about how to utilise these ideas and turn them into profitable businesses. This is something we can show you.
  • BLOCKCHAIN COMPLIANCE ASSESSMENTWhile it is common knowledge that blockchain does not resort to third party approvals or agencies to complete transactions, which reduces the need for compliance, it does not mean the system needs no check on this front. In front, when it comes to international trade, there are many regulatory conditions that are followed regardless of the medium of the transactions. In our blockchain compliance assessment service, we make sure your transactions are clear of any regulatory red flags. We give you the advice and guidance you need to safely keep doing what you have come to love.


  • With Captain Sheep on your side of the ring, no challenge related to blockchain implementation can get in your way. We show you the way ahead and walk with you across it.
  • Our blockchain consulting services will help you significantly reduce the risks of your experimental attempts on getting in a command of your blocks.
  • We can show you exciting new business opportunities by means of effective blockchain strategies and models if you let us help you reach your potential.
  • Effective blockchain implementation can slingshot your growth and put you ahead of your competition, leading to growth that others would admire and want to possess.


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