Boost Search Engine Ranking for Business Success
Let’s imagine you’re a hair salon in Houston. That’s not something new as there are probably a hundred hair salons in the city. But you want to become the top service everyone pays a visit to. You want your customers to know why they should choose your services. You want to prove you’re the right choice when it comes to choosing a hair salon. So, you do a quick Google search for your business. …Only to find out that your name is hidden somewhere in the bottom of the 6th page. Keywords play a vital role in establishing a name for your brand. While it may not look like it, the keywords you choose for your content can either become a powerful marketing tool or lead to the failure of your business.

How to Choose the Right Keywords

It probably looks like successful services choose keywords randomly. That’s anything but the truth. They are the results of thorough analytics and well-researched techniques. They should be relevant to the industry you belong to. They should be effective in connecting with the right audience. Google’s Wonder Wheel was released around a year ago. It’s a powerful tool for finding keywords that are closest to what consumers search for. Of course, there’s also AdWords. You will be given a list of keywords and you will need to pick the ones that are closest to what your business has to offer. For example:
  • Business: Houston Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon Services Houston
  • Hair Salon in Houston
  • Hair Care Services In Houston
  • Hair Salon Nearby
  • Hair Salon Near Me
Once you have a list of keywords generated, you need to use them effectively. So many businesses make the mistake of repeating keywords or inserting a lot into their content. Don’t insert the same keyword over and over again. This can drive away your clients. Make sure to use them subtly in your content. Of course, you can repeat keywords twice. But make sure it isn’t as obvious. But remember that keywords alone cannot help you get to the front page of search engines. You need to create valuable content that can readers can relate to. This is where we come in. CaptainSheep offers digital marketing services to businesses across Hong Kong. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we can take care of all your digital marketing woes. Whether it’s web development, crypto trade exchange development, Chinese marketing, or SEO content writing services, we’ve got it all! Feel free to contact us to learn more.