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Creating a good design for your website is half the battle. How do you expect people to be interested in your services when they cannot read it? This is the battle faced when you translate your Chinese content for Baidu from English. The trouble with translation is that a word has different synonyms and when you translate from English to Chinese, most of the words are used out of context, and often lose their meaning, or worse communicate a message you did not intend. It is important to understand that in order for your ranking to be on Baidu’s Chinese search engine, just like Google, you need get your content written originally in Chinese. A hard feat on your own but one that can be easily handled by a Chinese content writer. Since, Google is not a popular search engine in China, as a business trying to operate in a foreign marketing; you need to focus on getting your content out there that can be easily read by Chinese people. As an SEO agency specializing in Chinese content writing, we offer digital marketing services in Chinese.

Digital Marketing in China

Content writing is one of the most popular ways to get your product or service to your target audience. A well-written content is able to persuade and convert the reader into buying your product or service. This content is shared on different social media websites and blog platforms that help you to create awareness about your brand.

At Captainsheep we offer high quality and professional content writing services to businesses across industries. We specialize in all areas of business writing, including:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Promotional emails
  • Newsletters
  • Whitepapers
  • Product description
  • Reviews
  • Press release
  • Brochures
  • PPC text
  • Web copy
Other than these, we also write content for presentations, marketing campaigns and videos. Compelling content written in Chinese helps you closes sales, improves your Baidu SEO ranking, attract potential customers and gives your business creditability—Something that you cannot achieve if you simply translate your content. This is why we help you re-create content that is more engaging and fun to read. The key to creating compelling content is making it skimmable. If you simply translate your content from English to Chinese, it will become highly difficult for people to understand and they might leave your website after reading only the first paragraph.

Social Media Website Content

Today, social media websites are one the biggest platforms where most of the transactions take place. This requires for you to post catchy headlines that are more clickable and animated picture content that gets more shares. Our digital specialists are tasked to come up with creative ideas and craft content for social media campaigns that will not just delight your audience but will show your sales team a different way to increase revenue. Our aim is to write Chinese content that will help you maintain successful local campaigns, so that visits to your website convinces people to take action. So, if you are about to translate your English content into Chinese for Baidu, we recommend hiring a Baidu SEO agency, to get your content written the right way.

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