Complete Guide to Choosing a WeChat Account for Your Brand
For those looking to enter the Chinese market, those already a part of it and for businesses the world over in general, WeChat is quickly becoming an effective brand marketing tool. Some of the top digital agencies in Hong Kong among other kinds of businesses today use WeChat accounts to amp up their efforts. Over the course of this blog, we’re going to elaborate on WeChat as well as the different account types it offers to help you decide which works best for your brand.

Account Types

Different WeChat accounts offer different features hence it is important to know what is what in order to decide what suits your brand needs or business best. We’re going to go over the different available accounts and tell you a little bit about them.

Subscription Accounts

Subscription accounts available to users on WeChat are geared mainly towards brand communication as well as provision of information. They allow for a single daily publication of up to six articles. Users are then updated via their personal subscription folders sans any kind of push notifications. These accounts are the only ones from the official category that may be obtained by individuals such as journalists and other public figures. If your brand is the sort to be largely information oriented as well as primarily content based, this is the sort of account you should go for.

Service Accounts

A step up in WeChat official accounts are service accounts. These accounts offer sales advantages such as the ability to offer WeChat payment options as well as the opening of a WeChat online store. Further features received post verification include API privileges that allow for the creation of further apps as well as functions to help facilitate customers. Service account publications are also far more visible as they are sent out as chat windows hence also generate push notifications. The monthly quota for service account publications is up to four pieces. Such accounts would be ideal for larger industries with expansive customer bases. We’re talking anything from banks to airlines. This being said, these accounts also suit brands which don’t need to publish content too often.

Corporate Accounts

Unlike the latter two, corporate accounts available to users over WeChat are geared towards communication for the purposes of coordination as well as management within the user organization. These are not public accounts and are only accessible by organizational employees. With additional API access these accounts are brilliant for anything from inter-company communication to sharing of resources to managing specific company supply chains. These are great for pretty much anyone looking to optimize inter organizational running.


The account that works best for you is one that suits your specific company or organizational needs and requirements. If you need more help on subjects such as professional application development or if you require app development services, we’re always there to help!