Creating A Winning Online Marketing Campaign
Whether you want to launch a new collection or showcase your new-and-improved product, getting the word out to your target market requires of a comprehensive online marketing campaign. You need to use different digital channels such as blogs, emails, social media, and your website to communicate your brand value. Here are some tips to make a winning marketing campaign for your brand:  

Set SMART Goals

SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. These characteristics are necessary for setting goals. Well-defined goals prevent businesses to have unrealistic expectations. It allows them to measure the success or failure of their strategy without setting themselves for disappointment. Set specific targets, so that reviewing your marketing strategy becomes an easy task. For example, getting more views and likes on your Facebook campaign isn’t a measurable goal. However, getting 10,000 likes in the first week of your campaign is specific and measurable.

Know your audience

Out of your potential target audience, a certain percentage of consumers will actually purchase your product. These are the people your marketing campaign should be targeting. Customers who find the most value in your product will, without a doubt, value the information you share. Make these customers your target audience. Avoid making generic marketing strategies, target specific market. Develop a buyer persona after gathering insights about your potential consumers.

Know Where To Find Your Consumer

Know who, what, when, where and why about your potential buyer. Target them with the right content, at the right time, using the right communication channel. Determine which channel is frequently used by your potential customer. Are they available on all social media platforms? At what time does the consumer log into these social media platforms? Do they use mobile device or desktop to access these platforms? If you want your marketing plan to have maximum reach, understanding of these factors is extremely necessary.

Provide a CTA They Can’t Refuse

In order to convert viewers into buyers, you need to make an offer that customers can’t refuse. Your marketing content should be such that it encourages people to sign up for more. Readers should be willing to provide contact information and move onto the next step in the sales funnel. Using optimized content, you can increase your reach and improve lead generation. Your call-to-action should invite and entice consumers. However, you need to live up to the hype you create. Customers will be disappointed, if clicking on your exciting offer takes them to an irrelevant landing page.

Measure Strategy Success

Online marketing uses test and trial approach. What works for you might not work for another brand. Measure the success of your online strategy against the target goals set in the early stages of strategy making. Measure the efficacy of your strategy and make changes, if necessary. Creating click-worthy content can be difficult. Get in touch content writing specialist.  CaptainSheep offers wide variety of digital marketing services in Hong Kong, from content writing to website design and development. Give us a call and our experts will develop an impressive internet marketing campaign for you.