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Today, online customers want merchants to provide them with safe and secure online transaction and payment processing methods so that they can shop stress-free and with the peace of mind that they are well-protected from potential cyber attacks, credit card frauds, and hackers. The question comes down to what measures have you taken to win the trust of your potential buyers? If you’ve implemented nothing, then you might be at risk of losing amazing revenue generating opportunities, as customers continue to seek merchants that offer web security. Don’t worry though. We, at Captainsheep, strive hard to provide our customers with the best and enterprise grade online security solutions by partnering with industry leading SSL certificate service providers like Comodo.

Malware—what is it?

Abbreviation for Malicious Software, Malware can do a great deal of damage to your business website and site users. From spreading viruses, to stealing sensitive customer data, impacting site traffic and infecting computers of site visitors, malware is highly dangerous, damaging and is becoming a rapidly-growing problem over the web. Cyber criminals/hackers basically install this malware to exploit security weaknesses of online businesses, thereby gaining access to unsecure websites. Unfortunately, this malware code is not detectable or visible to people which helps hackers to corrupt, hack and exploit sites and confidential data easily.

Why do Online Business Owners Need to Protect Their Websites from Malware?

As malware codes are not easily detectable or visible, and becoming a growing problem, it is important for online business owners take adequate web security measures to protect their sites from malware risk and deliver excellent web browsing and shopping experiences to their customers.

How Can GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan Protect Your Site?

To ensure seamless website security, install SSL certificate along with malware scanners such as GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan. GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan is perhaps the best and the most economical way for website owners to fight hackers and keep malicious software at bay. GeoTrust is a well-renowned website security service providers in the world. It’s a name you can trust. Once you avail GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan, you can get your website scanned for malware on a daily basis. Besides this, the scanner all provides instant reports with complete details regarding malware found, and infection detected. As soon as you learn that your site is at risk, you can instantly clean malware, and keep your site well-protected.

With this scanning service, you can:

  • Assure your site users that your website is secure and scanned for malware codes by displaying an anti-malware seal by GeoTrust (a trust mark)
  • Protect your site traffic by staying off search-engine blacklists
  • Detect, and clean malware infections easily and instantly without any delay
  • Improve business credibility
  • Deliver excellent user experiences
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Basic Anti-Malware Scan Basic Anti-Malware Scan
Price for one year Click for price Click for price
Daily Scan / /
* Scan Depth 5 pages 50 pages
* End User Portal Access / /
* Instant Alerts / /
Infection Reports / /
On-Demand Scan
Dynamic Site Seal /
* End User Portal Access: Direct access for quick management
* Scan Depth: Number of pages scanned daily
* Instant Alerts: An email will instantly be sent to you when malware is found
* On-Demand Scan: Quick confirmation of clean site status


Basic Anti-Malware Scan Click for price 
GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan Click for price
* You can order anti-malware scan for 1-3 years.