Get Heard: Most Popular Social Media Sites in China
China represents a marketer’s ideal audience. Not only is the overall size of the audience enormous, the people are genuinely interested in good content. Another benefit of having such an audience is the options it allows you to have as a marketers. As most marketers will be aware, China has its own social media sites that billions of people use. All of these sites represent idea opportunities for marketers. The demand for search engine optimization services has logically risen as a result. But which of these sites represent the best options for marketers to invest their resources in? The following are some of the most popular social media sites in China that marketers should target:
  • WeChat
The best way to describe WeChat would be as an all-in-one messaging app. It has almost everything for everyone. It also means access to a highly engaged audience that all marketers crave. WeChat represents the Chinese versions of Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Whatsapp, all rolled in to one. There are various kinds of accounts that can be made on WeChat. There are personal accounts for use by individuals and official accounts for use by businesses and promotional activities.
  • Sina Weibo
If you’re a professional internet marketing company, there is nothing better in China than utilizing Weibo to find out what your customers actually want. The best way to describe Weibo would be as a Chinese version of Twitter. It is by far the most popular micro-blogging site in China. Users have the option to upload movies, images as well as gifs. The traditional options that most Facebook and Twitter users have such as following, commenting and liking are available on Weibo as well. Marketing companies can use this platform to create and manage pages for users to interact on and therefore increase communication between customers.
  • Youku Tudou
By recent numbers, Youku has nearly 580 million users. The best way to describe Youku would be as the Chinese version of YouTube. For marketing companies, it allows access to the traditional online viewing analytical tools as well as other demographic options that make it easier for marketers to target their ideal audiences. Youku has almost identical features that come with YouTube for marketers such as banner ads, in-stream advertisements, and pause ads as well as the option to visit an advertiser’s site directly. We take great pride in being one of the best content providers on the web. We provide a number of different services like voice acting, internet marketing and content creation. Get in touch with us and get the best content for your business now.