Graphic Design Techniques That’ll Take Your Brand To The Next Level
Marketing and advertising aren’t limited to simple words, texts, videos, and pictures. Intricate graphics combine words and visual elements to make aesthetically-pleasing content that communicates the brand message. If you’re new in the business or simply wish to promote your brand, innovative graphic designs are a great way to take your advertisement content to the next level. Here are a few inspirational graphic design ideas that can enhance your brand’s ability to engage with customers.

Responsive Logos

A modern concept introduced by Joe Harrison, responsive scalable logos has revolutionized web content. It has rapidly become an industry standard where designers experiment with the way their logos appear on digital screens. The idea is to alter logos into simple designs so that it meets the demands of modern technology. An example of this can be seen with Coca Cola’s logo which has gone through multiple modifications over the years. What started off as red background with 3 different texts including “drink, coca cola, and coke” has now been simplified to just “coke”.


Gradient designs are making a comeback as seen with windows and iOS’s color transitions. Multiple hues and shades of one color are used to display content. These gradients are used on website backgrounds, for illustrations, infographic content and as image overlays.

Movement: Animations & Gifs

With the era of micro-interactions upon us, memes, gifs, and animations are commonly used by people for entertainment purposes. Every time a customer gets a notification from their social media, they are inadvertently engaged in micro-interactions. Animated logos, email newsletters, illustrations, and icons are used as a clever way to become more appealing to the audience. Brands have capitalized on this attention and hype to improve UX, User Experience and UI, User Interface. It is a great way of communicating ideas and concepts while creating more engaging content for users.

Palettes & Patterns Inspired By The ‘80s & ‘90s

The retro color schemes of the 80s and 90s are gaining popularity among millennials. As people are moving away from flat tones and designs, abstract and geometric patterns have taken over the forefront.

Custom Graphic Art And Illustration

There is a huge demand for customized art and graphics that offers a unique experience to customers. Custom imagery and illustrations are few and far in between as stock images have become more accessible. Nonetheless, customized art, drawings, paintings, calligraphy, and typography are popular amongst brands who wish to add creativity to their content and campaigns. Expand your business and reach new markets by hiring professionals to design and implement digital marketing strategies. We provide top-quality professional business logo design in Wan Chai. Our website design and development services are a great way to convey brand messages using eye-catching graphics, logos, videos, and animation. Get in touch with us and our competent team of experts will help boost your business Return on Investment (ROI). Call +85 258089100 for affordable graphic design services in Hong Kong!