What is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)? Very simply put, initial coin offerings are a medium of cryptocurrency transaction, in a way that new cryptocurrency units are sold to an investor, in exchange of more popular currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. This is potentially a very advantageous venture, and can yield immensely profitable returns, especially if the person undertaking the venture is looking for a hefty amount of funds in a shorter time frame. The new cryptocurrency finds an investor who is willing to hold on to them, which increases the market value of the currency, due to the exchange. On the part of the entrepreneur, the more popular and also more valuable cryptocurrencies yield better value, and can be exchanged very easily on global exchanges, without any speculation. This allows for easy cash to be gained, and the newer cryptocurrency to gain some ground, since it has already been passed through a transaction. Benefits of ICO Consulting Services Without being too vague; ICOs are not known for being accepted by the banks and governments around the world. Even in countries where this form of entrepreneurial venture is completely legal, ICOs are looked down upon by financial institutions. This is because of their unregulated nature, and because they cannot be tracked by a regulatory authority. Due to the above, there are a lot of hurdles involved in the process of collecting funds via ICOs. Legal knowledge, marketing know-how, technical expertise and full financial prowess are all requirements of a successful ICO-based venture. To that end, following are some of the benefits of ICO consulting services, to aid you with the decision:
  • Smooth StartupStarting up a venture through ICO is not the easiest, especially if one considers the irregular regulation and even dubious legal nature of the concept in some countries. However, expert ICO consulting services can assist you with a smooth starting up of the venture, since they will be able to take a lot of the technical and legal burden off your head, allowing you to focus on more practical tasks.
  • Legal FunctioningSince undertaking the venture based solely on your own know-how of the concept is foolhardy, one requires a legal professional at their side, to confirm jurisdictions, create whitepapers and maintain policies/agreements.
  • Better Marketing AnalysisLead and traffic generation will be the life and soul of your ICO venture, and the superb marketing services provided to you by an expert ICO consulting firm will make your project known in no time.
  • End-to-End ServiceLead and traffic generation will be the life and soul of your ICO venture, and the superb marketing services provided to you by an expert ICO consulting firm will make your project known in no time as we are ICO Consulting Services Hong Kong.

We Offer Expert ICO Consulting Services

We, at CaptainSheep, offer a variety of ICO Consulting Services to our clients, to aid them with the somewhat risky business of ICO transaction and funds collection. Following are some of the specific ICO Consulting service we offer:
  • ICO Marketing Services: We offer end-to-end ICO marketing services, with all aspects of the process, such as lead generation, content crafting and ultimately, a hefty return on the investment. We always tailor the program to your individual needs, ensuring that you get a solution that is ideal for your ICO project.
  • ICO Technical Services: The technical aspects of the ICO development are perhaps the trickiest to maintain, for anyone not well versed in the same. This is where we come in, with our top-notch technical consulting services. Through a diverse repertoire of technical services, we make sure the project runs without a glitch, and that the code maintenance, as well as creating smart contracts.
  • ICO Legal Services: Offering a full suite of legal services, we make sure that your country of operation allows for ICOs to be set up and operated, while also drafting whitepapers, and maintaining updates on the policies and statements. All the core considerations that need to be made, at the time of setting up an ICO, we make for you, so that you seamlessly set up and develop the ICO itself.
  • ICO Financial Services:Since ICOs don’t deal in fiat currencies, the financial management of an ICO project can be tricky. With our top-notch strategic financial management, timely audits, and book-building/running services, you are guaranteed not to run into trouble in terms of financial management.

How We can Assist You

We, at CaptainSheep, are committed to your project, from the very start to the successful conclusion, and beyond. Be it a minor audit, or a full legal analysis, you can trust us to take care of it, leaving you to develop the ICO with decided peace of mind. Backed by a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the areas of marketing, technology and funds-raising, we are able to ensure a successful and secure ICO, from idea to launch and subsequent progress. We are constantly expanding our sphere of service, and hope to introduce more effective services and modern products, for the benefit of our esteemed clients. Stay tuned for more information regarding our future services. For highly proficient and diverse ICO consulting services, with guaranteed results, get in touch with us today on ++85 258089100 or  Livechat.