Industries Using Blockchain Integration to Drive Business Value
Blockchain is the most recent technological innovation that’s revolutionizing business models across the globe. In simple words, blockchain is a virtual ledger that has the ability to record information securely and transparently. Through its append-only approach, it enables users to add new information onto the ledger, while maintaining previously added information in secure, non-editable blocks. As contents of each block are linked to previous blocks via cryptography, any attempt to modify the contents of one block invalidates the data in the following blocks. Transaction based businesses can take advantage of this immutable, decentralized and consensus driven ecosystem by incorporating it into their models. Learn more about which industries can use blockchain technology to reach new heights of corporate success.


Pharmaceutical and health care companies require track-and-trace systems to keep a check on the integrity of drugs. Unique serial numbers assigned to units of medication produced help in distinguishing them from counterfeit products. By incorporating blockchain technology into their supply chain, pharmaceutical companies can improve the traceability of their goods.

Fund administration:

Fund administration often involves extensive paperwork. Processing these papers by hand consumes a considerable amount of time and increases the possibility of errors. To minimize data inaccuracies and streamline expenditure management in funds administration, blockchain technology can be used. As blockchain also offers complete transparency, it also improves trust and accountability in monetary exchanges.

Information Technology:

Blockchain is believed to be the next frontier in information technology as it has the ability to transform the infrastructure of internet. Blockchain technology functions at an extremely high speed and is decentralized, which has led experts to believe it can revolutionize information and content delivery networks. Blockchain is also capable of keeping an immutable history of IoT devices, which opens doors to a series of new opportunities in the field.

Real Estate:

A sector of industry that’s keen on adopting blockchain technology is real estate. Property sales are complex as they require heavy transactions which can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. The transactions also need to be verified and the involvement of multiple parties further slows down the process. Blockchain has the ability to simplify the transfer of titles and deeds, as its structure allows all participants to have complete access to the documentation. Blockchain is currently making waves in the world of fin-tech and its immense potential can only be realized by incorporating it into your business model. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of this promising technological marvel, reach out to us! We, at Captain Sheep, provide blockchain development and advisory services to business platforms looking to redefine their record-keeping systems. In addition to helping clients integrate blockchain technology into their systems we also provide digital marketing solutions such as web development, content development, graphic designvoice-over and translation services across Hong Kong. For a consultation, contact us today at +85 258089100 or send us a message on Livechat.