However, like any other specialized resource, you need experts to take care of this process for your business. A lot of business owners made the decision of adopting blockchain without taking expert blockchain integration services. Of course, the result was a far more complex system completely in opposition of the convenience they meant to bring with it, simply because they did not know how to effectively use blockchain to accelerate already-in-place business processes. While business owners are trying to educate themselves with the do’s and dont’s of blockchain integration, there is a strong need to hire professional teams who are capable of doing it now and give you a head start instead of waiting to equip your in-house teams with the ability to integrate blockchain into your operations a year or two later. After all, this could be the difference between becoming a leader in your industry and lagging back in aggressive growth while your competitors take the advantage. With Captain Sheep on your side, you can unleash your untapped capacity for improving your operations, making your processes far more efficient than they are now, and adding more value to your offerings. With us on your side, you have a team of professional blockchain integration experts that can revolutionize the way you approach growth.


  • IFinancial services were the first to integrate blockchain owing to the endless benefits their operations could get from a shared ledger model without the approval of a third party for transactions. Their businesses are riddled with transactions with millions of such records added every day. With blockchain, they are increasing their recording speed several times and saving costs in millions every year.
  • Since casinos also make an industry that runs on high-frequency transactions, it is another industry that is immensely benefiting from blockchain integration. With specialized software serving the business model the gambling industry has had for over a century, blockchain is already receiving a lot of love from casino owners who are smart enough to invest in the integration.
  • Hospitals and other healthcare services providers can – and are – also using blockchain to improve the quality of their records and service as a whole, because, with a blockchain powering their data systems, they can edit patient profiles and produce instant updates for all other relevant offices where this data can help the patient, allowing automation and saving costs significantly.
  • Another industry we are helping with our blockchain integration services is that of freight transportation and courier services. These are also transaction-heavy businesses and, with blockchain, they are able to produce high-speed delivery cycles with more accurate data and fewer errors in recording crucial information that leads to failure of package delivery and, thus, bad customer service.


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