Things To Keep In Mind When Designing A Logo
A logo is a visual representation of your brand or business. It’s a symbol that differentiates you from rest of the world; the image that pops into your consumer’s mind when they think about your product or service. Most importantly, it’s the face of your brand that appears on all company communication platforms like brochures, emails, business cards, and your product. Logos should be created after in-depth marketing research and deliberation. This graphic design will represent your company for the years to come. Make sure the design is relevant to your business objective, vision and mission.

Depict the essence of your brand

Your business might be selling a hair conditioner or a software solution, like many others out there. But there always a unique quality that sets you apart from the competition. Make it a part of your logo. Your logo should represent the personality of your company and depict your goals and objective. Communicate your needs to the logo designer, so that the result is great.

Know who you’re communicating with

A logo reflects company’s vision for better understanding of the consumer. Designing a logo without identifying the target audience is a waste of time. If your consumer can’t relate or interpret your logo, all your designing efforts goes to waste. For example, by looking at Walt Disney’s logo, an enchanted castle and a semi-circle, viewers can interpret this design as a mystical land of fun and magic.

Make a statement

Stand out from the crowd by using bold colors and dynamic designs. Visual content is easier to process and remember. Bold colors and edgy designs leave a lasting impression on consumers and increase the recall rate. Create a logo that leaves a mark on your target audience’s mind. The bright-yellow arches of McDonalds are engraved in the minds of the consumers around the world. McDonald’s logo is simple, yet stunning. Design a logo that provides you an element of uniqueness in the market.

Be Unique

Unique designs stand out from the crowd. Remember the time Apple introduces its logo, a bitten apple. The logo was very different and hard to comprehend, but the sleek design held Steve Job’s claim of being a superior design leader in the market.

Minimalistic design

Don’t crowd your logo with multiple elements. Remember, less is more. Provide a focal point for consumers to focus on. Coca Cola’s logo is its name. It’s the most classic logo representation, but it’s still effective in creating an impact on the viewers.

Flexible design

If you’re a company that firmly believes in logo placement, design a logo that can easily blend in various situation and platform of communication. Adaptable logos can be easily placed on t-shirts, company’s letterhead, products, emails, office wall and other places. Big or small, logos should be timeless identifier of a brand or company. Our logo designers can incorporate all these elements in tour logo. CaptainSheep offers expansive digital marketing services, including content writing, website design and development, professional logo design service and other online marketing services at affordable rates. Just give us a call and we’ll help you out.