Web Content 101: Build an Online Presence with Content Marketing


“We Offer Bags Of Ice! Get ‘Em While They’re Still Hot!”

“Tips to Prevent Headaches After You Die.”

“Let’s Eat Grandpa!”

Missippi’s Literacy Program Shows Improvement.”

Did this grab your attention? It probably did but not in a good way. They say that fame, whether it’s good or bad, is still fame. But does that really apply to businesses? Does it really apply to your brand? Maybe these headlines made you laugh. Maybe you will think twice about reading the content after the appalling grammatical errors. You probably don’t think twice about these problems when you’re promoting your services online. But believe it or not, your potential clients do pay attention. This is because they expect high-quality web content and digital marketing campaigns. A typo or a simple spelling mistake can jeopardize the image your customers have of your brand. Therefore, it’s imperative to hire a professional content writing service to take care of everything. Here’s how content marketing can help your brand become a leader in the digital market:

Builds Credibility

Think about it this way: you’ve been called to give a speech after winning an award. Do you just stand at the podium and stare blankly at the audience? Or do you introduce yourself and thank everyone who has supported you in your endeavours? Similarly, your brand needs an introduction. A good, crisp copy is what you need to grab consumers’ attention. And a content marketing agency can do just that for you. A well-researched, creative and engaging copy can help build trust between your business and its clients. Your copy should be error-free, compelling, consistent, creative, and concise.

Makes Content Engaging


A study conducted by Microsoft shows that the average Joe’s attention span is less than a goldfish’s. This means that if the average goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds, you have 5 seconds to engage your readers. This is where it gets complicated. Unless you have experience as a professional copywriter, it can become difficult creating a stellar copy that grabs your clients’ attention. Sometimes you delay writing because you want everything to be perfect. Sometimes the ideas just never come. A content writing service has professional copywriters at their disposal that can come up with effective content solutions for all your digital marketing woes. From SEO to press releases, articles/blogs, social media optimization, and PPC marketing campaigns, professional copywriters know the tricks of the trade to help increase visibility for your brand.

The Four U’s of Content Marketing

This is a technique also used by news agencies. The four U’s, besides the three C’s, are an essential part of writing. They stand for:
Your content needs to be useful. It should not contain any fluff and it should not mislead the reader. It should create a sense of urgency so that it automatically catches the reader’s attention. It should be unique and not plagiarized. Even if you’re taking inspiration from somewhere, it should be executed in such a way that it looks original. Lastly, your content should be ultra specific. It shouldn’t be off topic. It needs to be short and simple but not misleading. In a nutshell, it shouldn’t stray from the original content you need to focus on. If you want high quality, expert content that meets the mark on creativity, authenticity, and excellence, turn to digital marketing agency CaptainSheep Cat & Cow Inc. With the help of their exceptional content writing services, you can rest assured that the content creation for your business is in reliable hands. Feel free to contact them to learn more.