What Goes Into Translation Service Pricing?

When you’re looking to hire professional translation services in Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world, one of the things it really helps to be aware of is the way service pricing works. To have a professional translator on board is a crucial part of any business that considers its self a part of the global economy. If you own or are a part of a business which frequently interacts and works closely with organizations and professionals from different parts of the world and different nationalities, this blog is for you. translate-concept

How Translation Service Pricing Works

What you need to understand with regard to translation service pricing is that there are different ways in which price packages may be presented to you. We’re going to go over these below.

Cost by Word

In many cases, translation of documents and other such organizational information is priced by the word. What this means is that the cost you pay will be the rate per word multiplied by the final word count on the document submitted. Documents might sometimes add up to say 100 words in one language but 130 words in the language of translation. For this reason, pricing per word is a fair way to go. That being said, companies also offer concessions e.g. it might cost you less if you pay for bulk word counts (1000 and above for instance)

Cost by Page

Alternatively you might also be charged by the page. Per page pricing usually applies to documents where in which it is impossible to obtain an auto calculated word count. One example of such documents would be those that are scanned and sent over as PDF files.

By the Hour

Professional translation services rarely charge by the hour, especially when it comes to scripted documents. Hourly pricing might however apply to any revisions and updates you ask for on the content you have translated. Further, if you’re talking verbal on the spot translation services, then per hour is exactly how you would be expected to pay.

Flat Rates

Some companies forego the intricate calculations offering flat rates on a monthly or weekly basis for a pre-decided number of translation projects. That being said, flat rate pricing is rare and those offering it will usually give you other options to choose from.

Minimum Price

Last but not least, if the translation project you require is a small one and possibly an occasional organizational need, minimum price might apply.  Simply put, minimum price might apply to anything below five pages. That means whether you have one or three pages translated, what you pay will stay the same.


As you can see there are various pricing packages you can go for when it comes to professional translation services. If you’re looking to hire professional translation services or require support with anything from digital marketing to content writing to IOS app development, we’ve got you covered!