What? Why? How? The Ever-Increasing Importance of WeChat

1 billion monthly active users, imagine that. Quite impressive for an application that’s largely only used in China. Especially when compared against Facebook owned WhatsApp’s 1.5 billion users; an application that’s use on a global scale! Like it or not, WeChat has grown into a behemoth in the last 7 years and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. The simple messaging application from 2011 is now capable of so much more, and it is for this reason WeChat is a pivotal for any company working in the Chinese market. Why, you say? We’re glad you asked! happy-chinese-self-employed"

WeChat and its Functionality

We already mentioned that WeChat is at its core a messaging application. Let’s now talk about the “so much more” part. WeChat can be used for pretty much anything you might want to do online—order food, hail a cab, buy tickets for movies, trains, and planes, share content with friends, even dating.

Mini Programs

How is so much fitted into just one application? Mini programs, WeChat’s solution to providing an amalgam of the most common applications used by people. These mini programs do not have to be downloaded, therefore taking up no space on your phone.


WeChat Wallet, or WeChat Pay, is a digital wallet integrated into the app that is used to pay for every purchase made through the app. It can also be used to clear rental and utility bills, make donations, and send or receive gifts. Before its introduction, Alibaba’s payment solution Alipay was the market leader. Today, WeChat’s wallet has since overtaken and left Alipay in the dust.

Brand Advertisement

WeChat’s advertising options for businesses are largely similar to those used by Facebook, with one major exception. Unlike Facebook, the WeChat Store contains the purchase process within the application so users don’t have to visit the vendor’s site to buy what they want. This direct purchase feature makes for great consumer conversion rates. Promotions on WeChat are done through official accounts of two types—subscription and service. Each has their own limitation on the number of daily messages that can be sent to followers—1 and 4 respectively. Yes indeed, WeChat is the present and future of business marketing in China. That is why we as a professional internet marketing company offer a complete suite of WeChat marketing services for businesses in China and beyond!