What’s wrong with Your Marketing Math

There’s an old saying; “there’s a method to the madness”. The verdict is still out on whether there is any method to the madness that is marketing. We’ve seen how corporations have spent billions on carefully structuring their marketing plans only to see them fail. On the other hand, there is no paucity of internet marketing services that take exuberant risks and end up enjoying incredible benefits as a result. This is the primary reason why even today, so many people remain skeptical about the role of marketing in a company’s overall success. A key underlying factor behind that is the apparent inability of companies to quantifiably measure the results of their marketing efforts. Of course, purists will inevitably state that the success of marketing lies in the impact it has on subsequent sales. But that would be eliminating the impact of seasonal trends, competitive practices as well as the company’s own distribution strategies.
So, how can you (assuming you can) measure the success of your marketing efforts? Here are some ways:

Transparency over Measurements

Start by accepting a simple truth i.e. you cannot measure your marketing success, not accurately anyways. However, you can judge the overall effectiveness of your strategies by looking at your marketing funnel. Evaluate whether you’re accomplishing the basic tasks such as reaching your desired audiences, delivering your message, creating awareness about your product/service etc. This insight is perhaps the best way to learn whether the efforts you’re putting in marketing are delivering the results expected of them or not.

Accept Defeat

It might be a bitter pill to swallow but no matter how much marketing efforts or endorsements you get for a flawed product/service, no matter how extraordinary your website design and development services are, it won’t deliver any meaningful results. The best and wisest thing to do at this moment would be to simply accept the failure and curtail that project as soon as project. Marketing insights only reflect the attitudes of the audience towards your product, not how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with a product.

Attribution Models

This is where the “method” in the madness comes in. Using several attribution models, you can easily evaluate whether the audience’s response to your product was what you expected it to be. These models can tell you which ads were successful in converting a potential client into a definite client. We take great pride in being one of the best content providers on the web. We provide a number of different services like voice acting, internet marketing and content creation. Get in touch with us and get the best content for your business now.