Why Your Product Can Benefit From An Explainer Voiceover Video?


Video is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing products, as evidenced by a survey where 57% of customers reported increased confidence in products with videos available.

With almost all social media platforms adopting video, more and more businesses are using videos to promote their brand, products / services and to engage with their audience.

An explainer voiceover video can go a long way to getting your product recognized and purchased by people.


What is an Explainer Voiceover Video?

These are short videos, typically 30-60 seconds long, where businesses introduce themselves, their products / services, and how the company can resolve problems for their consumers.

Product videos are focused on discussing crucial elements of an offering. As customers are provided information about the product, they are less likely to have queries.

Audience Engagement

Videos with voiceovers rather than text information humanize your brand and your products, allowing potential customers to connect with it.

An experienced voiceover artist will be able to invoke emotions in a person through appropriate use of tone, pitch, mixed with the right pauses for dramatic effect.

Getting the right voiceover for your video will tremendously boost conversion.

Improve SEO Ranking

More people engage with videos than with written material. For this reason a lot more time is spent on your website which dictates how high up the ladder search engines rank your site. Engaging with the audience driven to your site in this way will further build trust and credibility, driving up conversion rates.

Call to Action

With written content, there is a risk of readers disengaging before they make it to the end. Fact is that people much rather prefer watching content than reading it. Having a quality voiceover to go with your explainer video will make consumers want to watch it all the way to the end. It is at this point you can give them a killer call to action that is more likely to make them purchase your products.

Explainer videos with voiceovers are undoubtedly a good way to not only increase consumer engagement but also to drive sales. Keep it short and to the point. Most importantly, hire the right voice over artist.

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